How to Apply

  • The first thing you need to do is call 541-677-0073 and ask for the Services Coordinator or Lead Case Manager. Let them know you want to do a Pre-Intake Interview to get on the Resident Wait List.

    • We will then ask you a few questions to assess your situation.
    • Some of these questions are pretty personal, but we have to determine if we have the resources to help you.
    • Be honest answering the questions — what you tell us won’t necessarily keep you from getting in, we just need to know what services you may need.
    • We will then put you on the Resident Wait List.
  • The second step is scheduling an Intake Interview.

    • If you are a good match for our program, and we have a vacancy to fit your family dynamic (family, single teen boy or girl, etc.) we will schedule an Intake Interview for a date as early as possible — depending on our schedule and yours.
    • If we do not have a vacancy to fit your family dynamic, you will be put on the Resident Wait List and contacted as soon as an appropriate room opening becomes available to schedule your Intake Interview.
    • Plan on spending an hour or so with us for your Intake Interview.
    • Please bring all family members who are planning on entering Casa de Belen to the Intake Interview, we want to meet all of you.
    • Please be on time, as sometimes we schedule several Intake Interviews in a row. If you will not be able to make it, please call 541-677-0073 as soon as possible to reschedule. If you are a no call/no show we will not reschedule an interview time for you.
    • During the Intake Interview you will be meeting with several members of our staff. We will be asking you some pretty personal and intense questions. We ask everyone the same exact questions. Every question we ask is to determine how to best help you.
      • Again, answer the questions honestly. What you say will not necessarily keep you from getting in, but if we find that your answers are not honest, you are giving us conflicting information or different information that what you reported in your Pre-Intake Interview, we may choose to end the interview.
      • Don’t be nervous. We are nice people and our goal is to help people. We have heard a lot and most likely nothing you tell us will shock us. Also, we don’t judge, we just assess the situation to make sure we have the ability to best serve you. Also, everything you say is confidential.
      • You also have the right to ask us any questions you want to during your Intake Interview. We want you to fully understand what you are getting into and feel confident about deciding whether or not Casa de Belen is the right program for you.
    • Directly after the Intake Interview you will go to a Peer Review. Current Casa de Belen residents will meet with you and give you some insight into what life is like at Casa de Belen. This is a good opportunity to meet other Casa de Belen residents, ask them any questions you may have and get their honest opinion about their experiences living at Casa de Belen.
      At that time, we will let you know if you we feel our services would be of benefit to you. There are some situations where it may take a few days for us to make a decision about an applicant’s entrance into the program, but this is rare. This is also the time you let us know if you want to enter our program.
      If the decision is made by both parties for you to enter the program, we will schedule a time for you to do your entrance paperwork.
      Plan on scheduling about an hour to complete this paperwork. Larger families may take more time. DO NOT MISS THIS APPOINTMENT. If you do you will lose your placement opportunity.
      At this time we will also schedule a psychosocial appointment with one of our therapists for all new residents over age 13 and over. This is the first step of designing your Individual Service Plan.
  • The third step is for you to move into Casa de Belen. This may occur immediately after your entrance paperwork is completed or at a later time determined by you and the Resident Assistant.

    • The rooms come furnished. You may bring personal items, bedding, clothing, etc. with you, but we do not have room for you to bring your own furniture. If you do not have bedding, we are happy to provide clean bedding to you to use during your stay at Casa de Belen.
    • There is a $5 deposit to get a key to your room. This is returned when you move out and return your key. See the Business Manger to do this.
    • You will be given an individual door code. Get this from the Executive Director.

WELCOME to Casa de Belen!