Some of our rules

In order to offer the best program to our residents, ensure their safety, and support our mission, there are some rules that all Casa de Belen residents must follow. The rules listed below are some of the most important ones to understand before making the decision to enter our program. There are several other rules and new residents are given a copy of all rules when they are completing their entrance paperwork.


  1. Everyone is welcome at Casa de Belen. We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, income derived from a public assistance program, political beliefs, etc.
  2. Casa de Belen residents must abstain from all tobacco, alcohol and drugs (other than those prescribed in their name by their doctor) while living at Casa de Belen. They may not partake in these substances either on or off property. All scheduled/controlled prescriptions must be checked in and will be distributed on a daily basis. We do onsite drug screening.
  3. Casa de Belen has a curfew all residents must follow. Curfews are determined depending on age, time in program, school and work schedules, success in program and other factors. There are in house and in room curfews. Some curfews are as late as 2:00 am. Casa de Belen residents are expected to sleep at Casa de Belen each night. Again, exceptions are made for work schedules and holidays, etc. Residents can also earn “overnight” passes to take time away from Casa de Belen.
  4. Casa de Belen residents are expected to be at dinner every night at 6:00 pm (sometimes the time changes due to events, etc.). We eat together as “a family” and use this time to build community, make announcements, etc. Exceptions are made to accommodate school and work schedules. Residents can occasionally earn passes to miss dinner.
  5. We do not offer storage for residents’ belongings. Residents may not store weapons of any kind in their rooms or on property.
  6. Every Casa de Belen resident has a daily chore(s) they must complete. These chores are assigned with consideration to age appropriateness and physical ability limitations.
  7. Every Casa de Belen resident, age 18 years and older, must financially contribute 30% of their monthly income to Casa de Belen (this is a standard in low income housing).
  8. Every Casa de Belen resident, age 19 and over, must contribute $60 a month (in either SNAP benefits or cash) to help with food expenses.
  9. If you have not obtained a high school diploma or equivalency, you must enroll  in school or a similar program and continue to work towards completing your “high school education” while living at Casa de Belen.
  10. All residents must set goals and work to achieve these goals, continuing to progress towards self-sufficiency while living at Casa de Belen.