Our Impact

“Everybody is welcome and included at Casa de Belen. Since being here I have learned not only to love myself, but to also love others and celebrate our differences. I am a better man because I have been here at Casa de Belen.”   Chris, age 19


“My life is totally different because of Casa de Belen. I have reconnected with my family, have completed my high school education and have remained clean and sober for over a year. I really believe I am alive because of Casa de Belen.”   Charity, age 19


“Casa de Belen helped me when I had nowhere else to go. I was a pregnant 13 year old. They helped me when I was pregnant and made sure I was getting the right care for me and my baby. They gave us a safe place to come home to after she was born. They even threw me a baby shower. They helped give my baby a great start in life.”   Erin, age 14


“Casa de Belen gave me and my family a place to make a fresh start and heal. While there I was able to grow the relationship between me and my teenage daughter, focus on my sobriety, take care of my baby
boy and get a full-time job. I have moved out on my own, got my driver’s license and a car and have had a
steady place to live for over a year. I am really thankful to Casa de Belen for helping me get there.”  
Sabrina, age 36

Casa de Belen is very proud of the positive impact we have on our community: 

Since opening our doors to residents in 2005, Casa de Belen has been home to over 1,200 homeless individuals from our community!


teen in bedDuring 2015 Casa de Belen provided:

  • 11,229 days/nights of safe and warm housing to homeless teens/families with homeless teens


  • 16,834 meals to our residents


  • 566 mental health counseling sessions with a certified therapist


  • WEB_126_CasaBelen_CAP_6960260 health exams by a licensed nurse


  • A safe and loving home to 98 unduplicated homeless teens and/or their family members


In 2015 our residents achieved these outcomes:

  • 100% of our residents remained in school – 0% drop out rate


  • teen at doc96% of our residents in school maintained 90% or better attendance


  • 12 residents (100% of those eligible) enrolled in a GED program


  • 1 resident (100% of those eligible) received their high school diploma or equivalency


  • Devan Award17 residents over the age of 14 secured and maintained full-time employment


  • 13 residents over the age of 14 secured and maintained part-time employment


  • 20 residents completed a twelve week Financial Literacy Class


  • 61 of the 77 residents over the age of 12 over remained drug and alcohol free


  • WEB_133_CasaBelen_CAP_70073 residents completed at least 1 term of college


  • 2 residents enrolled in college and maintained their enrollment


  • 7 residents completed a drug rehabilitation program


  • 58 of the 63 residents that left Casa de Belen during the year transitioned to stable


The average Casa de Belen resident participates in our program for about a year, taking advantage of our safe and supportive housing, as they develop their interpersonal skills, complete their educations, obtain legitimate work, and stabilize their lives.