Mission Casa de Belen provides homeless teens, homeless families with a teen in the family dynamic, and homeless teenage parents with a safe place to create and implement a vision for a positive future that includes independent living, self-sustainability, and constructive involvement in the community.

Guiding Principles Casa de Belen provides security, opportunities, and support for the homeless while they establish their route to independence. Casa de Belen is an outcome-based program focused on resident self-sufficiency by nurturing the growth of each individual in all areas of their life.

Goals  The agency’s goal is to give residents a safe living environment, supplying emotional support and interpersonal skills that help participants complete their educations, obtain legitimate work and stabilize their lives. We do not “warehouse” people, but provide a space of dignity and hope, in order to help our residents acquire the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and overcome the barriers they are facing that impact their journey to success and happiness.

Casa de Belen is not your “traditional” homeless shelter. We strive to provide a family-like setting in order to give the runaway and homeless Youth we serve a sense of identification and belonging, with their “own space” in a place to call home. In fact, many of the residents we serve no longer consider themselves homeless.