Resident Spotlight

Name: Shannon

Age: 12

Favorite thing about living at Casa de Belen:  “I love that we are all just one big happy family. I feel safe here and can trust people here. I don’t have to worry about being abused. I have people to talk to all the time.”

Something interesting about them:  “I’m a 12 year old girl but I have a voice like a grown up. I love to sing. I sing the National Anthem at local events. I also love reptiles.”

Their favorite kind of music:  “I love all music — from pop music to oldies like Elvis, Dolly Parton and Aerosmith. My favorite right now is 21 Pilots. I also love church music.”

Their favorite food:  “Sweet & Sour Chicken and candy — lots of candy!”

Their talents, hobbies or interests:  “Singing, planning parties, dancing, and so much…”

The value that means the most to them:  Loyalty or trustworthiness

What they think their future looks like: “I see myself on stage, singing for big crowds — but if the singing does not pan out, I’d like to become a nurse.”

What they have accomplished since they have been here: “I’ve gotten the best grades of my life while living here. I have also become more independent and have learned to save money.”

What problems they want to solve when they grow up: “I would like to find a way to end hunger and homelessness. I have experienced both and I know there has to be a way to end these two world problems.”

If they could have one wish, it would be: “I would wish for my family to be happy. I would wish for a happy family.”

What they want you to know about homeless kids: “Everybody has a different story. Nobody is “normal” and we are all here for different reasons.”