about us


Mission Statement Casa de Belen provides homeless families with adolescents and homeless teens with a safe place to create and implement a vision for a positive future, that includes independent living, self-sustainability, and constructive involvement in the community.

Why are youth homeless? There are an estimated 110-200 homeless youth in Roseburg. Youth end up on the street for multiple reasons, but most run away from violent and abusive homes.

  • Abusive households: 73% of at-risk students are crime victims and 84% have experienced domestic violence.
  • Dysfunctional households: poverty, addictions, mental illness, sexual and other forms of abuse have made young lives an obstacle course, rather than an adventure.
  • No parent/guardian: 76% are single adult households.

Guiding Principles Casa de Belen provides security, opportunities, and support for the homeless while they establish their route to independence. Casa de Belen is an outcome-based program focused on resident self-sufficiency by nurturing the growth of the 40 developmental assets. Casa de Belen instills in its residents the skills for independent living and constructive involvement with the community.

Primary Activities

  • Create a safe and secure living environment
  • Develop a sense of community within Casa de Belen
  • Create innovative self-development activities centered on the 40 developmental assets
  • Monitor progress toward the outcome driven goal of economic independence
  • Foster personal growth in each resident
  • Develop a network that draws the resident to community involvement
  • Provide an atmosphere of spirituality that encourages residents to build relationships outside of their immediate circle


  • 22,000 square feet dedicated to serving the homeless
  • Maximum capacity – 60 residents
  • Facility development began November 22, 2003
  • Casa de Belen is a volunteer, non-profit organization

Board of Directors:

Mike BakerSara ByersDiana HadleyStan McKnightRon Singler
Nicole BennettJoe FelixCharley JordanJoe Olson 
Karen BentleyJim ForresterTom KeelKathy Powell 
Dean ByersGary GalbickDanny LangSusan Schmerer-Haacke 

Ex-Officio Members:
Fr. Juniper Schneider
Sharon Johnston